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Moths Tatoo Designs by MonkeyOfTheCity
Moths Tatoo Designs
My cousin asked me to design her first tattoo, which is meant to be a moth with the inscription "always finds the light". Just a little scrap to demonstrate that I am still alive (which is a wonderful thing because my final exams start within a month and I am dragging behind everything *pleasekillme*
Winter Winds by MonkeyOfTheCity
Winter Winds
Finally, finally some time to draw I think I've fainted. The last three weeks killed me. I need to get into the "drive" again, so I try to do so with some sketching...but I am so, so tired (and probably too lazy. mehh)
Trinity by MonkeyOfTheCity
This is a project I had to do for religion class because I had missed the test because of a surgery. We were dealing with the thesis of trinity and the interpretational aspects of it (the idea of father, son and holy spirit being connected, the god being the father and being the son and being the holy spirit, but the son not being the father not being the holy spirit and so on), which I was asked to visualize. It was really hard and I still don´t have the feeling that I hit the core of it, but maybe that´s not possible at all. Since the topic is so complex, I´ll try and give you a description of my intentions, the symbolism and so on.
Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert of this topic, nor the english language. If I get anything wrong (theologically and linguistically, please feel free to correct). It´s an incredibly complicated thesis and we only talked one lesson about it. Furthermore, dA is not a platform for theological essays, so I try to keep it easy. 
(Fast-forward: Son to the left, father in the middle and holy ghost to the right).
So the father is seen as the personification of love. When we read about the father, we simultaneously read about love (see Song of Songs). I see love as an inner connection between the persons involved, so I tried to visualize that in the connection between the three members (the hair of the holy ghost and the lines of words dripping from the sons body. 
The son is composed from words forming lines of John I: 
"From the first he was the Word, and the Word was in relation with God and was God. 
This Word was from the first in relation with God. 
All things came into existence through him, and without him nothing was.
What came into existence in him was life, and the life was the light of men."
According to our teacher, this passage depicts a dimension of the son being in a sort of pre-existence: As long as there is the father, as long there is the son. He did not exist before and is not yet to come, he exists in god and since god exists (wow, this is shit is getting deep). Furthermore, in the original translation, the "Word" was meant as "logos", which refers to "son". The gesture refers to the classic pose of melancholia, parallel to Matthew 26: 39 and 27: 45-46.
Last but not least, the holy ghost (lady to the right): What we name "spirit" today was originally constituted as "rúach", meaning "breath". Additionally, "rúach" is a female noun, in opposite to f.e. the german term "Geist", which is male. So I pictured the spirit as a girl with waving hair (because connection of breath-air-wind etc.). Further on, I put together the classical symbol for the spirit, the dove, with other birds to add birds as a symbol for air/wind in general 8and to have a bit more diversity, a single dove would be too cliché. The butterfly adds a female touch and the fact that butterflies can fly (duh!) supports the motif of air (also the color blue as classic for sky and wind).
The repition of the red-yellow blobs on hand and elbow of son and spirit, as well as the second blue butterfly, the turquoise and white marks on the bodies and the blackish hair mark out the connection and involvement of the two, so that everything (father, son, spirit) are in one way or another connected.

Phew. Done.
If you´ve made it down here, respect and thank you!
As always, hope you guys like it.
Burgundy Tales by MonkeyOfTheCity
Burgundy Tales
Colour? What kind of sorcery is this? o.O

Luanna Perez-Garreaud from Le Happy...because I am seriously in love with her and felt like drawing, so I squeezed this in between two essays.
Gel Pen and Watercolor (Lyra). Hope you like it.
October's Awakening by MonkeyOfTheCity
October's Awakening
My contribution for :iconfashionillustrators:s Sep/Oct challenge, themed "scarfs"

First contest ever La la la la 

For me personally, scarfs are just for autumn and winter and they cannot be fluffy and big and comfortable enough. Autumn is my absolute favorite season and there is nothing better than cold morning walks in the forest, when the town is still sleeping and dew covers the leaves. And then wrapping up in a huge woolen ball of fluff makes it perfect.


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